Modular warehousing software to cover logistics from purchasing to shipping


Trak360 is modularly designed  in order to best match the needs of the organizations that use it. 30 years of development has brought Barcontrol’s WMS software to its newest phase, with improved interfaces and new features.



Inventory Control is the central module to Trak360. With over 100 inventory parameters, detail and sophistication can be easily adjusted. With inventory control, there are more than a dozen other modules that can be enabled to expand the functionality of the system.


InvTrak360 offers support for real-time bar code scanning, label printing, and more in order to effectively manage your warehouse operations. This module interacts with many of the others in order to automate processes such as receiving, picking, production and many other function that the product supports.


The production module assists in the building of prepackaged “kits”. Uniquely, we address the reality of having limited quantities of items to work with in order to easily manage production needs.

Like releasing orders, committed kits can then be released for picking and assembly. As finished goods scanned, the system automatically adjusts to reflect available components in real-time. The finished goods can then be placed on orders and shipped, and still retain details of their components that can be printed on shipping manifests or reviewed later.

Inbound Module


Requisition Management gives a centralized system for controlling the procurement process. Material managers can build requisitions and request quotes from vendors for production, kitting, and inventory replenishment. Employees can input requests for unique purchases. Trak360 can automatically generate requisitions for low in stock items. The various types of purchase requests are funneled into one path for easier budgeting and approval. Approved requisitions can automatically generate purchase orders and receiving documents


Trak360’s purchase order module has all the standard features you would expect, like configurable parameters, multiple deliveries, project codes, holds, quarantines, barcoded receiving documents, and more. All of which integrate smoothly with other modules to create a inventory solution that works for your needs.


Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) offer the ability for a timely and accurate expectation and planning of new product arrivals. ASN’s give warehouse managers estimated arrival dates, delivery contents, shipper information and more to facilitate dock and labor planning. ASN information can be populated electronically and automatically while also allowing new items to be automatically setup and ready for receipt upon import of the ASN document. Trak 360 supports many features concerning both inbound & outbound ASN’s

Outbound Modules


With the complexities of building orders to a variety of partners the globe, Trak360 stands tall with a variety of features. Starting with order entry, the system handles international shipping, building by weight or volume, multiple carrier configurations. Items can be selected with a variety of filters such as expiration dating, specific shipping warehouses, ingredients, WHO categories, and more.

The order processing module offers integrated access to a customer portal. For example, when a partner builds and submits a shopping cart in your online portal, the order is automatically queued up as pending review in the order entry function. This gives the order processing department the ability to make any changes or special handling to any order, and to group and release orders for picking in efficient waves.


Able to be scaled to low or high volume shipments, Trak360’s unique license plate methodology allows detailed tracking or every product, lot, and serial. With automated integrations in both UPS & FedEx as well as support for tracking larger shipments Trak360 can cover almost every shipping method conceivable. With powerful built in reports, detailed shipping manifests can easily be attached to shipments quickly and easily.


Trak360 sports a wide array of options for managing warehouse workload including traditional and wave picking. Once orders are released to the warehouse, workloads can be managed from directed picking, pick by label, traditional pick ticket, etc. During pallet building the picking process generates unique outbound pallet labels in order to easily trace products.

Accessory Applications


Trak360 has over 300 available standard reports, grouped by module. Each report has an advanced query option to allow virtually any combination of fields in any table associated with the report. Queries can be changed to give refreshed reports, saved, and recalled. Reports are generated using Crystal reports and can be generated in a traditional format or be exported into an Excel, or PDF file.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can easily be integrated into your Trak360 installation with our available EDI processor. Our processor can download or send EDI documents via popular VANs or value added data providers like Tracelink. The EDI processor includes mapping ability and can read and write raw .edi flat file documents, saving you the expense of paying a VAN for mapping. Also supported are XML file formats, automatic email notifications, and ASN, PO, and Item automatic data population.


The Data Warehouse is automatically integrated into the core of Trak360. Included in all configurations, but most effective when Purchasing, Inventory, Order Processing, and Shipping are all enabled, the data warehouse is a rich repository of product and logistical information. This store gives end to end movement information in great detail for all products, partners and customers.