This module work in conjunction with the Cross Docking and Customer RMA modules. Returned product can be directed through various identification and inspection processes – based upon the results be directed to any number of Dispositions for rapid and efficient processing.

State College of Florida upgrades to iBEM 2012 BarControl Enterprise Manager
Formerly Manatee Community College, State College of Florida has been growing and expanding from the original campus in Bradenton, to now three campuses in Western Florida.

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Working with the ODBCXfer package, Advance Shipment Notices from Vendors can be received in most any format and introduced to the database. This allows for scheduled and staged receipts against Purchase Orders and immediate reconciliation of anticipated receipts and discrepancies.

The Inventory Control module is the backbone and core of iBEM 2010 - complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. This module includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.