Seminole County Public Schools "SCPS", located north of Orlando, FL was looking for a way to trim expenses on student and operational supplies at across it's many schools.  The decision was made to go centralized, take advantage of bulk purchasing and deliver supplies from one central location in controlled quantities.

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Heart to Heart International, a humanitarian organization which just celebrated it's 20th anniversary, has been using iBEM to handle it's inventory control and order based shipping program for several years now; shipping humanitarian aide to disaster sites in the US and countries all over the world.  A new idea for the organization became a new challenge for the warehouse, building Ready Relief Boxes for quick shipment of humanitarian aide, ready for distribution to local clinics etc., or to meet with doctors traveling to international disaster sites. 

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ICON Central Laboratories implements iBEM


ICON Central Laboratories, headquartered in New York with other locations in India, Ireland and Singapore, chose BarControl's iBEM to meet their Supply Chain software requirements.


A fast growing company dealing in medical testing supplies and clinical lab work, ICON was in great need of an inventory system. ICON chose BarControl's iBEM to meet their current local and future global requirements.

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An extension to the Order Management module, this module issues RMA’s against previous sales and handles the details – credit memo data to the Invoicing module, or directs cross-shipment and/or replacement shipment of products required to resolve the RMA while tracking progress and performance.

This module controls all aspects of an Order Fulfillment operation. Order entry, allocations and reservations of inventory, generation of Production Orders, Order fulfillment progress, routing deliveries, and tracking invoicing data are among a few Order Management functions.

City of New York, Human Resources Administration upgrades to iBEM 2010 World Edition


The New York City, Human Resources Administration maintains offices throughout the five boroughs, each of which use office supplies, as well as custom printed forms and checks.  All these offices are supplied from one central warehouse. 

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BarControl will help to effectively help manage inventory that needs to be controlled, utilizing supply chain management software, asset tracking software, or inventory control software.

BarControl's premiere warehouse management system, which serves as inventory control software, asset tracking software and supply chain management software, is the BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) Web Edition, iBEM 2012, a feature rich, web-enabled, true internet enterprise application, designed to help organizations manage items they feel need to be inventory controlled. Examples include warehouse inventory, expensive tools or fixtures that need to be regulated, valuable equipment and assets, along with tracking calibration and maintenance.


Complete inbound, warehouse, and outbound processing provides a complete supply chain software solution for your warehouse management needs.

MegaPath implements iBEM

MegaPath, located in Austin, Texas, with other locations in California and Connecticut chose BarControl's iBEM to meet their Warehouse Management and Supply Chain software requirements. 

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