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Performance Metrics

For reports involving data gathering beyond the capability of Crystal Reports, this module build solution tables from which Crystal can produce the required metrics reports. Additional functionality includes the ability to reassemble data to build useful graphical reports. 


Hughes Network Systems installs BarControl solution in Jakarta Indonesia

In BarControl’s continued partnership with Hughes Network Systems, Hughes has chosen BarControl’s inventory control software solutions to manage their Jakarta, Indonesia warehouse location. This central distribution warehouse shall function as the core facility in Hughes Communications expansion of telecommunication and satellite services to Indonesia.

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Strict and easy to use controls on purchasing are key to any inventory or production facility. Using iBEM 2010, purchase orders can be entered directly under management defined parameters, or automatically accepted from the requisition module.

Complete with purchase order status and discrepancy tracking, this iBEM module is flexible enough to meet any facility's requirements.

This module controls all aspects of an Order Fulfillment operation. Order entry, allocations and reservations of inventory, generation of Production Orders, Order fulfillment progress, routing deliveries, and tracking invoicing data are among a few Order Management functions.

BarControl Systems and Services is proud to announce its partnership with The Palm Beach Fire and Rescue Department.


The Palm Beach Fire and Rescue department is utilizing BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) to keep a battalion wide inventory, while maintaining individual station level inventories.  The system will be used to track consumable inventories, Fixed Assets, equipment, and maintenance.

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New York Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Installs iBEM


After the tragedy of 9/11, The New York Office of the Chief Medical Examiner needed a reliable system to accurately track inventory items.  The office chose BarControl Systems and Services to handle their inventory needs.


The New York Office Chief Medical Examiner implemented web based order entry screen to expedite getting needed medical, surgical, laboratory, and office supplies to personnel.  The web based order entry screen allows users to request needed supplies by simply filling out a form online.

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ICON Central Laboratories expands iBEM 2008 installation to India


ICON Central Laboratories, headquartered in New York with other locations in India, Ireland and Singapore, chose BarControl's iBEM 2008 to meet their Supply Chain software requirements.


Since the installation of iBEM at their Long Island, New York location, ICON has expanded the installation of iBEM to their Bangalore, India location. With the manufacturing of many pharmaceutical and related products in India, it only made sense to handle as much of the order processing of testing kits and supplies from a location near the manufacturing source. 

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City of New York, Human Resources Administration upgrades to iBEM 2010 World Edition


The New York City, Human Resources Administration maintains offices throughout the five boroughs, each of which use office supplies, as well as custom printed forms and checks.  All these offices are supplied from one central warehouse. 

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BarControl and Ryder Integrated Logistics Continue Successful Alliance


BarControl Systems and Services, Inc. and Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc. continue to work together to implement BarControl's warehouse management system as part of Ryder's offerings portfolio. Since entering this partnership in 1997, Ryder has chosen BarControl's system for installation at eleven warehouse sites.

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iBEM helps AmeriCares give aid to Haiti


BarControl’s iBEM system comes through again to help AmeriCares deliver aid at time of crisis. As with all shipments since 2004, iBEM is the system responsible for inventory, orders, shipment building, and documentation for AmeriCares aid shipments. Here is information on the first of multiple airlifts since the earthquake…


“AmeriCares is sending more lifesaving aid to help survivors of Haiti's devastating earthquake.

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