Heart to Heart International expands iBEM with new Assembly Processes

Heart to Heart International, a humanitarian organization which just celebrated it's 20th anniversary, has been using iBEM to handle it's inventory control and order based shipping program for several years now; shipping humanitarian aide to disaster sites in the US and countries all over the world.  A new idea for the organization became a new challenge for the warehouse, building Ready Relief Boxes for quick shipment of humanitarian aide, ready for distribution to local clinics etc., or to meet with doctors traveling to international disaster sites. 

Heart to Heart receives medicines and other medical supplies and humanitarian side in the form of bulk donations from manufacturers, usually not knowing when a shipment arrives just what they will be receiving.  iBEM makes quick work of identifying and receiving the products, and tracking the inventory from receipt through shipment.  This allows Heart to Heart to generate value based receipts for the companies donating aide, but also report to these companies exactly where the donations were shipped and how they were utilized.


Originally dubbed "Doctor's Bags", the Ready Relief Box "RRB" project required a unique way of building production orders, one that created BOM's on the fly based upon a selection of appropriate items in inventory as a single run order.  Users would select the medicines and medical supplies to be included in the RRB's by selecting various pallets in inventory, then the assembly process in iBEM calculates the number of RRB's that can be built based upon an equal distribution of the individual items, and not exceeding the cube of the standard RRB.  The process creates a unique production run of equal boxes ready for shipment, while maintaining the identification of the RRB contents.


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