Universal Packaging upgrades to iBEM 2012

Universal Packaging upgrades to iBEM 2012 BarControl Enterprise Manager
Universal Packaging, a supplier of custom corrugated boxes and other packaging for manufacturers and distributers in the Southeast uses BarControl's iBEM for most all it's inventory and operational requirements.

Universal Packaging has been using software from BarControl since 1994, starting with a Windows thick client application, then upgrading to the original iBEM 2003 product in 2004.  Universal primarily uses the inventory tracking capabilities in iBEM, but also utilizes the Purchasing module, the Order Management module with directed order picking and assembly item picking for true "build to order" capability, the Invoicing module, and the Shipping module.  iBEM 2012 includes the robust reporting of the Crystal Reports 2011 Business Objects report engine incorporated in iBEM makes quick work of purchasing, invoicing, as well as monthly and annual reports required Universal's management team. 


The Crystal Reports 2011 report engine incorporated in iBEM 2012 adds such time saving functions as printing to PDF for direct emailing of purchase orders and invoices.  This functionality has become a true time saver for Universal Packaging.  Universal also has begun taking advantage of the Performance Metrics module included with iBEM 2012, a module that allows for the building of custom solution tables for detailed custom reporting.  Sales reports by Calendar year and Fiscal year, by customer or by salesperson, with rankings and monthly trend reporting is now but a click of a couple buttons.


Future plans call for expansion of their assembly functions, utilizing the BOM and kitting capabilities of iBEM to create more detailed product specific "build to order" packaging kits including inserts and other packaging materials specifically designed for their client's product shipment needs.


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