State College of Florida upgrades to iBEM 2012

State College of Florida upgrades to iBEM 2012 BarControl Enterprise Manager
Formerly Manatee Community College, State College of Florida has been growing and expanding from the original campus in Bradenton, to now three campuses in Western Florida.

SCF has been using software from BarControl since the year 1997, starting with a Windows thick client application, then expanding to the use of handheld scanners and the original iBEM product in 2004.  SCF primarily uses the asset tracking capabilities in iBEM to maintain records of the assets purchased, located and discarded at the three campuses.  The robust reporting of the Crystal Reports 2011 Business Objects report engine incorporated in iBEM makes quick work of monthly and annual reports required by the accounting departments at SCF.  SCF uses such asset functions as purchase orders, payment check number to asset tracking, serial number tracking, warranty date tracking, department assignments and asset locations, discard authorization tracking and proceeds, along with a detailed transaction history of asset movements.
With SCF's upgrade to iBEM 2012, came an upgrade to RF handheld scanners as well.  Since the original introduction of handheld scanners at SCF, the campuses have installed a campus wide secure WIFI network.  It only made sense to put that network to use with iBEM.  The upgrade was practically seamless as the look and feel of earlier iBEM versions has been for a large part maintained, but many site specific configuration refinements were added for this particular installation.


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