This module work in conjunction with the Cross Docking and Customer RMA modules. Returned product can be directed through various identification and inspection processes – based upon the results be directed to any number of Dispositions for rapid and efficient processing.

Working hand in hand with the ASN InBound and Shipment modules, this allows for the detailed scheduling of receipts, shipments, and the respective dock door and scheduled time allotted. This assures maximum utilization of dock doors and prioritization of material flow.

This module allows for the immediate direction of newly received or produced inventory. Working to unify such modules as ASN’s InBound, Work Orders, Customer Order Management, and RMA’s and Returns Processing – this allows for setting complex and additional inventory flows within the operation.

After years of providing quality software and services to several of HP’s manufacturing facilities, HP has chosen BarControl as the software and service provider for their new consolidated returns processing facility. With a large and diverse product line and the volume of a major, top-end technology supplier, the project was large scale with joint development and heavy system integration requirements. Through this open and collaborative development effort, the resulting systems offered many innovations and efficiencies making for a world-class processing facility.

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The iBEM 2010 reverse logistics module is not just the usual RMA tracking ability, but a complete Reverse Logistics system - a disposition by inspection and condition process to quickly and efficiently return products to market, route them for "rebox", direct them for transport to a T&R division for further evaluation, or stage them for liquidation.