Sunday, 16 December 2012 18:43

Performance Metrics

For reports involving data gathering beyond the capability of Crystal Reports, this module build solution tables from which Crystal can produce the required metrics reports. Additional functionality includes the ability to reassemble data to build useful graphical reports. 


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 14:50

Universal Packaging upgrades to iBEM 2012

Universal Packaging upgrades to iBEM 2012 BarControl Enterprise Manager
Universal Packaging, a supplier of custom corrugated boxes and other packaging for manufacturers and distributers in the Southeast uses BarControl's iBEM for most all it's inventory and operational requirements.

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Sunday, 05 February 2012 17:57

RMA's Vendor

An extension to the Purchase Order module, this module tracks Vendor RMA’s against previous purchases and handles the details – Purchase Order adjustments and credits, or directs cross-shipment and/or receipt of replacement products required to resolve the RMA while tracking progress and performance.

Strict and easy to use controls on purchasing are key to any inventory or production facility. Using iBEM 2010, purchase orders can be entered directly under management defined parameters, or automatically accepted from the requisition module.

Complete with purchase order status and discrepancy tracking, this iBEM module is flexible enough to meet any facility's requirements.

The Inventory Control module is the backbone and core of iBEM 2010 - complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. This module includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 19:18

iBEM World Edition 2012

BarControl's premiere warehouse management system is the BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) World Edition, iBEM 2012, a feature rich, web-enabled, true internet/intranet enterprise application, designed to help organizations manage items they feel need to be inventoried and/or controlled. Examples include warehouse inventory, expensive tools or fixtures that need to be regulated, valuable equipment and assets, along with tracking calibration and maintenance.


Complete inbound and outbound processing provides "full circle" warehouse management capabilities.


The iBEM system is flexible, configurable, customizable, and can expand in functionality through the future addition of modules as required. Each module can be enabled separately or as an ensemble to provide a system that matches the organization's requirements. Modules add functionality in such areas as Requisitions and Purchasing, Advanced Shipment Notifications, Order Allocation, Preventative Maintenance, Work Orders, Customer Orders, Cross Docking, Production On Demand, Shipping, and Invoicing, just to name a few.


Key Warehouse Management Features of iBEM


  • "Full Circle" Warehouse Management
  • Advanced Shipment Notification (ASNs)
  • RF/ID Component
  • Order Allocation
  • Production On Demand
  • Directed Picking
  • Dock Scheduling
  • RMA Processing
  • Integrated Barcoding
  • Integrated Reporting
  • FIFO/LIFO/User Defined Picking Rules
  • Flexible Min/Max Quantity Maintenance
  • Directed Putaway
  • Automated/Manual Requisitions
  • Automate/Manual Purchase Orders
  • Volumetric Location Capacity
  • Serial, Lot, Location, Expiration Date Tracking
  • Complete Audit Trail of Every Stock Movement
  • Complete Physical Inventory Capability
  • Cycle Counting by Item, Location, Warehouse, Zone, or Other Criteria


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