Bar Coding

This module includes all functionality required to print site specific bar code labels. These labels can be printed from the BEM application, or in some configurations “Live and on-demand” from the RF bar code network. Label sizes and formats can be custom or follow UCC standards as site conditions dictate

Key Bar Coding Features of iBEM

RF (Radio Frequency) Terminals
Fixed Point Data Collection
Batch Terminals
Real Time Data Collection
PocketPC Interface
Label Printing
Item/Asset Labels
Location Labeling
Pallet Labeling
Carton Tags
Customized Shipping Labels
Customer Specific (Vendor Compliant) Shipping Labels
Barcoded Reporting
SKU & UPC Support
Multiple barcode formats (UPC, 3of9, 2of5, 2D, RFID and many others...)
Conveyor System Real Time Capture And Processing
Automated Data Entry Accuracy Verification
Complete User Transaction Auditing