BarControl will help to effectively help manage inventory that needs to be controlled, utilizing supply chain management software, asset tracking software, or inventory control software.

BarControl's premiere warehouse management system, which serves as inventory control software, asset tracking software and supply chain management software, is the BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) Web Edition, iBEM 2012, a feature rich, web-enabled, true internet enterprise application, designed to help organizations manage items they feel need to be inventory controlled. Examples include warehouse inventory, expensive tools or fixtures that need to be regulated, valuable equipment and assets, along with tracking calibration and maintenance.


Complete inbound, warehouse, and outbound processing provides a complete supply chain software solution for your warehouse management needs.

The Inventory Control module is the backbone and core of iBEM 2010 - complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. This module includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.

iBEM as Asset Management Software offers complete fixture, tool, equipment, and calibration tracking for efficient maintenance and utilization of all company assets. This module tracks the ownership, current assignment and location, and the utilization of each individual asset.

Assets can be assigned to general locations such as departments or accounts, or be checked-out in detail to multiple employees for use on several work orders.

Working with the ODBCXfer package, Advance Shipment Notices from Vendors can be received in most any format and introduced to the database. This allows for scheduled and staged receipts against Purchase Orders and immediate reconciliation of anticipated receipts and discrepancies.

Working with the ODBCXfer package, Advance Shipment Notices to Customers can be generated in most any format. This allows for immediate notification to Customers of scheduled and staged shipments against Orders along with detailed data such as future distribution beyond receipt.

This module includes all functionality required to print site specific bar code labels. These labels can be printed from the BEM application, or in some configurations “Live and on-demand” from the RF bar code network. Label sizes and formats can be custom or follow UCC standards as site conditions dictate

This module allows for the immediate direction of newly received or produced inventory. Working to unify such modules as ASN’s InBound, Work Orders, Customer Order Management, and RMA’s and Returns Processing – this allows for setting complex and additional inventory flows within the operation.

Working hand in hand with the ASN InBound and Shipment modules, this allows for the detailed scheduling of receipts, shipments, and the respective dock door and scheduled time allotted. This assures maximum utilization of dock doors and prioritization of material flow.

Driven from Customer related activity, whether Customer Orders or event related tasks as often found in contract warehousing, invoices are generated and payments tracked. Utilizing the ODBCXfer package, data from the invoicing module can be exported to other financial packages.

Using standard data in transactions is the key to data integrity; that’s where the Lookups module provides the tables to maintain standard data sets like Accounts, Customers, Locations, Vendors and many more. Looking up to these tables while performing data entry reduces errors and confusion.

This module controls all aspects of an Order Fulfillment operation. Order entry, allocations and reservations of inventory, generation of Production Orders, Order fulfillment progress, routing deliveries, and tracking invoicing data are among a few Order Management functions.

For reports involving data gathering beyond the capability of Crystal Reports, this module build solution tables from which Crystal can produce the required metrics reports. Additional functionality includes the ability to reassemble data to build useful graphical reports. 


The iBEM 2010 work order module can be easily configured to handle the maintenance orders required by assets such as tools and equipment.

Quick entry of work order requests can be easily accomplished through iBEM's web interface at a standard web browser screen or through the Windows Mobile web interface.

Preventative Maintenance and corrective maintenance tasks are easily and quickly scheduled using the iBEM system. PM tasks can be automatically scheduled based on meter readings or dates.

Strict and easy to use controls on purchasing are key to any inventory or production facility. Using iBEM 2010, purchase orders can be entered directly under management defined parameters, or automatically accepted from the requisition module.

Complete with purchase order status and discrepancy tracking, this iBEM module is flexible enough to meet any facility's requirements.

In many operations the Quote process prior to the sale is more complicated than the Order fulfillment process to follow. The Quote Management module handles the difficulties of quoting non-standard items, costing out new or varied assemblies, and collecting the data to price and sell the Order.

Powered by Crystal Reports, and seamlessly integrated with BEM, an entire suite of standard reports can be queried and printed with ease. Several query functions tailored to users from novice to administrator allow anyone to produce detailed reports in seconds.

Purchase Orders can either be inserted through standard data entry or be generated by current inventory levels and requirements - tracks Vendor line item and total bids, associated Vendor costs, requisition progress and approvals as required and configured.

Purchase Orders can either be inserted through standard data entry or be generated by current inventory levels and requirements - tracks Vendor line item and total bids, associated Vendor costs, requisition progress and approvals as required and configured.

This module work in conjunction with the Cross Docking and Customer RMA modules. Returned product can be directed through various identification and inspection processes – based upon the results be directed to any number of Dispositions for rapid and efficient processing.

The iBEM 2010 reverse logistics module is not just the usual RMA tracking ability, but a complete Reverse Logistics system - a disposition by inspection and condition process to quickly and efficiently return products to market, route them for "rebox", direct them for transport to a T&R division for further evaluation, or stage them for liquidation.

An extension to the Order Management module, this module issues RMA’s against previous sales and handles the details – credit memo data to the Invoicing module, or directs cross-shipment and/or replacement shipment of products required to resolve the RMA while tracking progress and performance.

An extension to the Purchase Order module, this module tracks Vendor RMA’s against previous purchases and handles the details – Purchase Order adjustments and credits, or directs cross-shipment and/or receipt of replacement products required to resolve the RMA while tracking progress and performance.

This module performs several functions such as tracking products shipped against Orders, generating manifests and packing slips as required, control shipping labels, track costs, and Carrier Tracking Numbers. This module can function seamlessly with UPS / FedEx, as well as, forward data to the ASN module.

From security to administrative functions this module allows for continued configuration of BEM long after the original installation, by either BarControl technicians, or an administrator at the client site. Screen changes, report additions, and security profile updates are done easily.

From maintenance to production, the Work Order module tracks the labor, tool, work station, and inventory required; issues the Work Order, gathers the labor and parts data, and tracks performance and costs. Like BEM this module is robust and yet simple to use.