The BarControl Philosophy – a job done right!


Over the years BarControl has developed an efficient methodology towards determining the requirements of each site, implementing the correct solution to meet the requirements, and providing proper technical support long after the installation:


ConsultationUsually the first step is the rapid determination of client requirements, not just for now, but for years to come. The results outline the BEM modules required at implementation, modules to consider for the future, general hardware recommendations, and an assessment of the amount of custom configuration and training services that will be required at implementation to assure a smooth start-up. This process also sets the course for the detailed site analysis to follow.



Site AnalysisThe most critical step in the implementation process is the performance of a detailed site analysis. Topics range from the simple, but critical determination of product, location, and other site related identifiers, to the complex mapping of current human and data related processes. The results are the detailed information required to outline the site specific configurations, and possible customizations, as well as detailed hardware specifications for the Site Implementation Document. In essence, this information is used to create the "blueprint" for the optimal solution.


DocumentationAfter completion of the Site Analysis, the process of creating the Site Implementation Document begins. Generally, the combined efforts of the site engineer, the BarControl team members assigned to the project, and a technical document specialist are dedicated to outlining and completing yet another successful implementation. The result of the BarControl team's effort becomes the site-specific system design used by both BarControl in the development of the solution and the client in preparation for the implementation. 


ConfigurationMuch of the configuration process is performed behind the scenes, either in-house or on-site. The BarControl team members take the steps - sometimes an extra step or two - to mold our BEM modules into the solution outlined and approved by the client. Configuration services can include modifying the interface screens, developing recommended security profiles, generating custom processes within specific modules, configuring portable data collection devices, testing wireless data collection networks, or creating the custom reports required at the site.


InstallationsInstallation is the transition point. The BarControl team performs the actual installation of the system outlined in the Implementation Document. This is usually a turn-key service including the installation of the database on the server, installation of the client applications, import of the data required from existing systems, and installation of the wireless data collection network. All of this is followed by a walk-though of the completed system, ready to use.



TrainingKey to the successful implementation of any system is training. Unique to BarControl is the utilization of the same engineers who developed the final product as training personnel. This assures that the clients are educated by the persons most knowledgeable about the system implemented. Generally, training is performed in a top-down approach, with the most intensive training for the system administrator and management, then assistance to the management in training their users. This method has proven to be most successful over the years.


MaintenanceCompletion of the implementation, generally, is not the end of the partnership process. With most client sites, periodic follow-up visits for refresher training, minor configuration changes, and additional custom reports are a part of the original implementation schedule. BarControl is committed to successful implementations, and has found continuing the client partnership well past the installation to be a vital key in this relationship.



SupportBarControl offers our Standard Technical Support Plan which includes unlimited telephone support, guaranteed response times, free version upgrades, electronic support, and even on-site support outside of the estimated maintenance visits if required. A Mission Critical Support Plan is available for our clients who require guaranteed 24/7 service.

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