Tablets make their way into mainstream:

In the warehouse its hard to beat the rugged and easy to use handheld data collection devices.  But, in some areas, the larger screen and easy use of a tablet is being recognized. From making data entries at a production station, to entering work order details, to performing stock lookups on the inventory floor, the tablet is finding its place in warehouse management, and maintenance.

Both inexpensive and highly portable, the tablet is becoming a shop floor tool.  Where laptops did not fair well with the environments found in warehouses and shops, and the battery life was insufficient in may cases, tablets seem to fit.  From entering work order parts and labor used, work order and/or equipment notes to clocking in time and material against a production work order, tablets offer the benefit of greater screen size, being able to open full web-based applications and ease of use. 


Other advantages include tablets being better sealed to handle the dirt and humidity often present in warehouse and shop locations.  Along with that, the small size, extended battery life, on-screen keyboard and multi-touch display make it an inexpensive and highly portable business tool.  Call BarControl for more information on how we utilize tablets in our installations.