BarControl provides a complete solution

BarControl ships and installs iBEM (BarControl Enterprise Manager) as part of a complete package generally including the server, a suite of industry leading supporting software packages, the associated bar code hardware required, and the installation services required.  Check out all the software and services typically provided to assure each and every client receives a complete software and hardware solution tailored to meet their needs for now and into the future:

Server Options:



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Client Server Option

In most cases, the iBEM package includes a Dell PowerEdge T420 Tower server configured to meet the specific needs of the client site meeting Shipped configured with all software packages required, tested, and complete with Dell’s in-house warranty service for a period of three years.  Clients may opt to supply a server or virtual server meeting the iBEM minimum requirements determined for the site.



Cloud Computing Option

In many cases, clients opt to use the iBEM package through Cloud Computing or SaaS, Software as a Service.  Clients receive the use of the same custom configured iBEM package, but through a remote server easily accessible from multiple locations.  Each Cloud Computing iBEM installation is still configured to meet the specific needs of the client site with the use of all software packages required.

 The iBEM Package and Supporting Software:

iBEM, a BarControl software solution, is comprised of a suite of software packages.  Along with iBEM, BarControl also supplies either DB2 or Oracle as the database solution, Apache and Apache's Tomcat Hosting platform, Crystal Reports 2011 Business Objects by SAP, and BarControl's RF Host application.  By partnering with other software industry leaders for our supporting applications, BarControl's iBEM Package is a top-notch and proven software solution. 



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BarControl Enterprise Manager is loaded on the server complete with the modules required and custom configured to meet the needs of each specific client site. A true “thin client” web-based package, no software is required on workstations other than a compatible version of Internet Explorer.


03 database 110x110


DB2 / Oracle

Included with each installation is either IBM’s DB2 database or Oracle’s database licensed to meet the needs and size of the iBEM installation. Client sites that already have DB2 or Oracle may have the iBEM database installed and included in their current licensing and back-up scheme.


04 hosting 110x110



iBEM is a true internet ready application. Loaded onto the IBM server supplied with iBEM are the Apache, and Tomcat by Apache, software packages. These maintain the http connectivity, perform the Java servlet functions, and generate the html pages for the workstations.


05 RF Host 110x110 


RF Host

The entire RF “wireless” network that is installed along with iBEM runs in a private and secure network with connectivity only to the IBM application server supplied with iBEM. The RF Host application acts as the gateway between the RF network and the server, as well as, the translator for the data transmissions.


06 Crystal 110x110



Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports Business Objects by SAP is the industry leader in report generation. Seamlessly incorporated into the iBEM package, the Crystal reporting engine delivers the report results to the workstations. Administrators have the ability to modify existing, or create new reports and add them to the iBEM installation.

 The iBEM Package is completed by Hardware and Services:

BarControl is not just about our proven software package.  BarControl provides the consulting, installation, and training services required for a quick and successful start-up.  Also, whether the installation calls for RF hardware, fixed data collection devices, or bar code labeling hardware; BarControl provides all the hardware required.  Add BarControl's technical support and service after the install, and you have a complete solution for now and years down the road.


08 Bar Code 110x110


Bar Code Hardware

iBEM installations are complete with all the bar code related hardware required to maximize utilization and efficiency of the iBEM installation. From simple batch bar code readers, through industry standard RF units, forklift mounted RF, fixed position scanners on conveyors, to even automated label printer / applicators, BarControl supplies the hardware to meet client site requirements.


 09 Configuration 110x110


Site Specific Configuration

Every iBEM installation is custom configured to meet the specific needs of the client site. From collecting and tracking just the identifiers needed, to transaction error checking at the right points, to RF prompts in the correct order to match the product flow on the warehouse / production floor. Each install is unique.

 10 Installation 110x110


Installation and Training

Installation typically starts with placing the pre-configured application server on the network, add the RF components and bar code labelers, followed by testing the entire system in-place. This is followed by training in the functionality of the iBEM application, along with minor system maintenance functions and RF utilities.


tech support


Technical Support

From minor questions to major issues, BarControl’s Tech Support Department is there to assist in all iBEM related issues. Working on-line to the server, from changed reporting requirements to procedural changes that affect RF flow – questions are answered quickly.