BarControl's iBEM 2012; a complete package:

iBEM 2012 is a feature rich Warehose Management Software package that crosses into Asset Management and Maintenance as well, to provide a complete enterprise management software solution.  BarControl's iBEM is a modular package designed from the ground up for easy configuration to meet unique client requirements, as well as, meet future needs of existing clients as their operations expand.


iBEM functions utilizing one or both of two core modules. Those interested in tracking consumable inventory and the related functions of processing orders will choose the Inventory Module. Those interested in tracking equipment and/or assets and the related maintenance functions will choose the Asset Module. More complex sites may utilize both core modules at the same time.

BarControl offers a suite of additional modules, some which function independently, others that are enabled and configured to work together – expanding the functionality of the core package to meet specific client site requirements.  Additional modules include: ASN's InBound and OutBound, Dock Scheduling and Cross Docking, Quote Management, Order Management, Shipping and Invoicing, Requisitions and Purchase Order Management, RMA's Customer and Vendor, and Work Order Management.


Add to the iBEM software package the services and support from the BarControl staff of software engineers and technicians, and you have the solution that guarantees success!