Inventory Control - Core Module

The Inventory Control module is the backbone and core of iBEM 2010 - complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. This module includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.

Key Inventory Control Features of iBEM

Complete Transaction Management
Complete BOM Functionality
Receipts from POs, ASNs, RMAs, unexpected receiving
Issue By Item, Carton, Pallet, User-defined Case Quantity
Transfer by Item, Carton, Pallet between Locations, Buildings, Warehouses, Zones, Sublocations
Flexible Min/Max Quantity Maintenance
Easy Stock Adjustments
Quantity Allocation Tracking for Outbound Orders
Complete Physical Inventory Counting
Cycle Counting by Item, Location, Warehouse, Zone, or Other Criteria
Tracking by Lot, Serial, Revision, Pallet Number
Location Categories for Product Separation
Directed Putaway for Receiving
Directed Picking
User Definable Picking Rules (FIFO, LIFO, or Other User Defined Method)
Volumetric Location Capacity
Unit Price Changeable Per Customer With Default Price Per Item
Complete Audit Trail of Every Stock Movement Including User, Date, Time, Item, Transaction
Class, Category, Model & Type
Detailed Description
Viewable Item Image
Stock Lot
Serial Number Tracking
Production, Consumable, and Asset Items
User Definable UOM


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