Hewlett Packard Reverse Logistics Processing

After years of providing quality software and services to several of HP’s manufacturing facilities, HP has chosen BarControl as the software and service provider for their new consolidated returns processing facility. With a large and diverse product line and the volume of a major, top-end technology supplier, the project was large scale with joint development and heavy system integration requirements. Through this open and collaborative development effort, the resulting systems offered many innovations and efficiencies making for a world-class processing facility.

In their own words – “BarControl has been a partner with HP for many years. We utilize their warehouse management product for our reverse logistics. We have tightly integrated our systems with BarControl to produce real time…” – HP IT Business Relationship Manager


“BarControl has been an extremely responsive partner dealing with our business. They have been able to support our needs along with recommending more efficient ways to handle our processes. They have been proactive in keeping HP updated with the latest technologies. BarControl has provided exceptional service to HP…” – HP IT Business Relationship Manager,  Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alto, California


Reverse Logistics is the process of all operations involved in moving products backward at least one step in the supply chain process. Instead of from manufacturer to distributor to store to customer as in normal supply chain flow, reverse logistics deals more with the reuse, recapture, remanufacturing or disposal of materials and the flow is reversed from customer to store to distributor to manufacturer.


In this day and time, reverse logistics is also opening up an entirely new discussion and meaning – that of having a “greener” end to the path of materials. Reverse logistics is expanding into recycling, dismantling, recapturing, and a variety of other operations to bring a more intelligent end to a product’s life.