Inventory System Software, Warehouse Management Systems, Warehouse Management Software

BarControl has been providing Inventory Control, Asset Control, and Supply Chain Management software solutions to businesses since 1987. Along the way BarControl and has developed several important "industry firsts" in the Warehouse Management Systems arena in our 25 years of experience. We developed the first WMS available on the Microsoft Windows platform, the first XML interface to SAP, and the first Windows based TrueType barcode font available.

BarControl's premiere warehouse management software and inventory system software serves as inventory control, supply chain software, asset management software and maintenance software.  The BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) World Edition, iBEM 2012, a feature rich, web-enabled, true internet enterprise application, was designed to help organizations manage their inventory and supply chain processes.  Examples include warehouse inventory, expensive tools or fixtures that need to be regulated, valuable equipment and assets, along with tracking calibration and maintenance.

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