BarControl pleased to announce the release of iBEM 2012 World Edition

BarControl pleased to announce the release of iBEM 2012 World Edition


It has been just over two years since the release of iBEM 2010 Edition; so it with great pride that BarControl announces the latest major upgrade release - iBEM 2012 World Edition.

While the look and feel of iBEM has been maintained to keep existing clients comfortable with its use, the new version of iBEM incorporates many new enhancements and refinements as suggested by current iBEM users, such as:


Increased Security - With so many clients opening their product to clients and locations across the web, the iBEM security features an additional level of encryption.


Enhanced Metrics - Some of the solution tables belonging to the Performance Metric module are now included as part of the standard Inventory History module allowing some powerful custom inventory / performance reporting.


Increased Picking Flexibility - Now users can specify pick method at inventory category level, or the item level, the best or required method of pick selection, including selecting client owned inventory, along with standard pick methods.


Multiple Currencies - With clients maintaining sites in multiple countries, the new iBEM has the ability to deal on a local level in the local currency while maintaining valuations in one master currency.


Increased Lookups - Several new lookup tables have been added to increase speed, accuracy and standardization during data entry.


BarControl Systems is continually improving its software systems with added features and functionality.  As always, we are able to customize any system to meet your needs.  Give us a call today to discuss your customization options.