This module includes all functionality required to print site specific bar code labels. These labels can be printed from the BEM application, or in some configurations “Live and on-demand” from the RF bar code network. Label sizes and formats can be custom or follow UCC standards as site conditions dictate

In the warehouse its hard to beat the rugged and easy to use handheld data collection devices.  But, in some areas, the larger screen and easy use of a tablet is being recognized. From making data entries at a production station, to entering work order details, to performing stock lookups on the inventory floor, the tablet is finding its place in warehouse management, and maintenance.

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Seminole County Public Schools "SCPS", located north of Orlando, FL was looking for a way to trim expenses on student and operational supplies at across it's many schools.  The decision was made to go centralized, take advantage of bulk purchasing and deliver supplies from one central location in controlled quantities.

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iBEM 2012 is a feature rich Warehose Management Software package that crosses into Asset Management and Maintenance as well, to provide a complete enterprise management software solution.  BarControl's iBEM is a modular package designed from the ground up for easy configuration to meet unique client requirements, as well as, meet future needs of existing clients as their operations expand.


iBEM functions utilizing one or both of two core modules. Those interested in tracking consumable inventory and the related functions of processing orders will choose the Inventory Module. Those interested in tracking equipment and/or assets and the related maintenance functions will choose the Asset Module. More complex sites may utilize both core modules at the same time.

This module allows for the immediate direction of newly received or produced inventory. Working to unify such modules as ASN’s InBound, Work Orders, Customer Order Management, and RMA’s and Returns Processing – this allows for setting complex and additional inventory flows within the operation.

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BarControl has been providing Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management software solutions to businesses since 1987. Along the way BarControl and has developed several important "industry firsts" in the Warehouse Management System arena in our 23 years of experience. We developed the first WMS available on the Microsoft Windows platform, the first XML interface to SAP, and the first Windows based TrueType barcode font available.


Founded in 1987 as Clemson Microsystems, the name was changed in 1991 to BarControl Systems and Services, Inc. in conjunction with the release of the first warehouse management system produced for the Microsoft Windows platform.


To provide the customer an economical solution, through the continued development of high quality standardized software products, modular and highly flexible, designed to conform and function as an efficient enterprise level tool for modern small and mid-sized operations. Couple this with the services of knowledgeable and experienced employees and contractors, and data collection hardware from industry leaders to provide the customer the "right solution" for now and into the future.

BarControl Firsts

•First Microsoft Windows® based WMS produced

•First XML interface to SAP and other ERP systems

•First Windows based TrueType barcode font produced

•First ASP model web hosted WMS available

•First completely web-based PocketPC WMS data entry interface


The BarControl headquarters and campus is located in Greenville, SC - the center of the "I-85 Boom Corridor." BarControl maintains a network of employees, contractors, and resellers nationwide to assist with your sales and service requirements.


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The Inventory Control module is the backbone and core of iBEM 2010 - complete real time management of warehouse inventory and location data. This module includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.

BarControl will help to effectively help manage inventory that needs to be controlled, utilizing supply chain management software, asset tracking software, or inventory control software.

BarControl's premiere warehouse management system, which serves as inventory control software, asset tracking software and supply chain management software, is the BarControl Enterprise Manager (BEM) Web Edition, iBEM 2012, a feature rich, web-enabled, true internet enterprise application, designed to help organizations manage items they feel need to be inventory controlled. Examples include warehouse inventory, expensive tools or fixtures that need to be regulated, valuable equipment and assets, along with tracking calibration and maintenance.


Complete inbound, warehouse, and outbound processing provides a complete supply chain software solution for your warehouse management needs.